Additional Therapies

Lymph Drainage Therapy

Years of stress can take their toll on even the healthiest human being. This deeply relaxing soft-touch therapy helps turn back the clock by offering a wealth of benefits, from chronic-pain relief to mini-facelifting effects.

Visceral Manipulation

Like any other system, the human body works only as well as each individual component. Now with just a delicate touch, restrictions can be removed from around the internal organs to improve their ability to function - and help strengthen whole-body health and resistance to disease.


Ancient Oriental medicine may hold the key to relieving many modern-day ailments. Sample this 2,000-year-old method of enhancing the flow of your body energy to bring you to a natural state of wellness.

Muscle Energy Technique

Do you feel cramped and out of alignment? This approach works through soft tissue to relieve distortions in the skeletal system. So you can enjoy lasting improvements in flexibility, muscle tension and comfort.

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