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I was diagnosed with Meniere's when I was 22 years old. I almost had the surgery for it at age 30 but thankfully the Lord redirected my path and I found CranioSacral therapy. I've since managed my Meniere's with diet (which really does matter like the article states) and CST!

Success story with CST

After Brandon's CranioSacral Therapy sessions, I noticed that he had a new love for reading - and this is coming from a kid who we had to struggle with to get him to read!

Before your therapy he was able to read just a little bit each evening for homework. After the therapy he started asking if he could read to us! And not just the prescribed amount but additional reading. And I noticed him reading more in general - like street signs, building signs, billboards and things on TV.

Knowing what he was like before, I never would have believed that a few sessions would make such a positive difference. It's been a remarkable experience and I'm thrilled.

I suffered from migraines for 18 years. After visiting The Upledger Institute Clinic, they're gone.

Your therapy is outstanding. In only three sessions I can feel direct relief and I'm amazed. To rest well at night without pain is really a blessing.

I have had extraordinary results from the CranioSacral Therapy the Upledgers so compassionately performed on me. I have suffered from clogged ears and extreme pressure and tightness in my upper abdomen for almost two years. My jaw and neck muscles would occasionally spasm and my throat would tighten. I was short of breath most of the time - miserable and desperate.

I had been to the emergency room so many times only to be told I suffered from anxiety. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and put on medication for that. The problem continued and I was then diagnosed with TMJ by two different ENTs.

The TMJ dentist put me on jaw repositioning guards 24 hours a day but couldn't fix the pressure problem so I referred myself to an oral surgeon. He performed surgery on my jaw joints and said it would help with my ears. It didn't. Nothing worked.

I was prescribed everything from allergy medications to steroids to antibiotics to anti-depressants - all to no avail. I had run the full gamut with every type of specialist. I felt like I was on a conveyor belt throwing away time, energy and money. I was beyond exhausted and drained on every level. I cried and prayed to God for a second chance at life. I was not living - I was existing.

Today, I have cried again - tears of happiness and relief because my prayers have finally been answered. Joy (my CST therapist), you and the wonderful Upledgers are those angels I prayed for.

For the first time in almost 2 years, I slept the whole night without a pill and woke up without tremors and that dreadful body pressure. I am a 38 year old woman and for the first time in almost two years, I have lived one day as a normal human being. That is a quantum leap for me.

I am excited for the first time in a very long time. God bless all of you for the wonderful work you do. You have given me the most marvelous gift - that second chance at a normal life.

How can a mother thank a person for making something that was medically impossible possible? The impact of having a son that is crippled and paralyzed is so painful. It is beyond words. Now as I see all of that reversed, my heart is so grateful. Joe's body, legs, arms and fingers are all working now. Your clinic is the ray of hope that unlocked all of the closed doors.

Daniel had a brain injury in utero and broke a bone on his face. He has had trouble connecting left to right brain when it comes to learning. I can see an improvement already in his reading ability. He is remembering his sounds better and his handwriting is neater. There is also just a general sense of well being with him now. Thank you!

Stephen was born half paralyzed in his lower extremities and we have had a lot of CranioSacral Therapy done on them. He now has some control in his legs and can walk with KAFOs and a walker. Every time we bring Stephen in he makes strong gains. He has arthrogryposis which is very restricting even to his growth - he always seems to have a growth spurt after sessions. He is also more peppy and just looks healthier and stronger.

Most of his muscles at age 3 1/2 haven't come in yet in his legs, but we feel more movement opening up. It is so worth the trouble to do this. It is Stephen's largest catapult to healing. His trunk control improved, his speech improved, and he seems to be able to connect his mind to be able to control some urinary flow. Not all his bladder muscles are working and I see some improvement there.

You gave my son Billy CranioSacral Therapy (CST) four times between Oct. and Dec. 2005. Before then he had feeding issues, sensory problems and speech-language delays. He has made remarkable progress in the last few months.

His feeding issues and sensory problems have almost completely resolved, and he has made huge gains in his speech/language development. I believe the therapy he received from you had a very positive impact. Thank you! More people should be aware of the wonderful and positive effects of CST.

Brian has made tremendous strides. He no longer complains of his head hurting. We also have noticed an improvement in his speech - he is starting to put more sentences together. Overall, he appears calmer and happier. He continues to look forward to his CranioSacral sessions. I would not hesitate to bring him back again!

I have had exactly one CranioSacral Therapy session and I am sold.

Health Induced Austim - Benefits of CranioSacral Therapy

I am so happy to be able to share my success story with you. I was taking antidepressants for a couple years for what was called situational depression. I hated every moment of it and I didn't get any consistent relief. I never knew what kind of day I was going to have depression-wise. But I continually felt that I wasn't 'clinically' depressed - that there must be something else to it.

While doing some research about depression on the 'net, I read something about CranioSacral Therapy (CST). I was desperate to find an alternative to anti-depressants because of all of the side effects that I experienced - memory problems, nonexistent libido, flat-lined emotional state and more. So I looked into CST.

The message board stated that if one had an accident of some sort that may have compressed the spine from, say, a blow to the sacrum, or may have hit the back of the head or forehead, this could cause an interruption in the flow of vital fluids that circulate around the brain and spinal column. This circulation carries vital compounds to your brain.

About two years earlier, I had an accident rollerblading. I fell and landed directly on my tailbone. Afterwards, it felt like I was sitting on a grapefruit for about a month, then it was suddenly better. Some time later I began feeling depressed.

Now after only five CranioSacral Therapy sessions I no longer take any antidepressants and haven't had to for over a year! I cannot tell you how happy I am. I would love to tell everyone about my experience!

I just wanted to share our story with you. Our son Alex was diagnosed with torticollis at 2 months of age. We are happy to report that he is responding quite well to the treatment! Not only is his head straighter but he is a much happier, calmer baby than he was just five short weeks ago.

What I thought was a terrible diagnosis for an already colicky baby turned out to be a blessing for all of us. We learned that his colic was related to the torticollis. Now, since getting CranioSacral Therapy, his symptoms have almost completely gone away.

Intractable Seizures 

I treat a 2-year old who has suffered from severe and often intractable seizures. She has developmental delays because of the seizures themselves and the heavy medication they use to treat them. She was doing quite well with CranioSacral Therapy, gaining vocalization, walking, hand-eye coordination and eating semi-solid foods. She had a new bout of seizures this summer but before she was hospitalized again mom brought her in for a session. Poor thing was just inconsolable, plaintively crying. I held her tight to my chest as I bounced with her on my physioball. With my hand on her head and back I asked into her system, finding myself ticking through the different structures and functions from Tad Wanveer's glial class. All of a sudden I got "ephaptic coupling". I confess I had not remembered anything about ephaptic coupling but I trusted the intention asked for from her system. Within seconds of connecting with her on this level (while we were still bouncing by the way) she fell completely asleep. We then clicked over to the extracellular space and treated on this level. When I looked up ‘ephaptic coupling' on Wikipedia I found the following entry.

"Epileptic seizures occur when there is synchrony of electrical waves in the brain. Knowing the role that ephaptic coupling plays in maintaining synchrony in electrical signals, it makes sense to look for ephaptic mechanisms in this type of pathology. One study suggested that cortical cells represent an ideal place to observe ephaptic coupling due to the tight packing of axons, which allows for interactions between their electrical fields. They tested the effects of changing extracellular space (which affects local electrical fields) and found that one can block epileptic synchronization independent of chemical synapse manipulation simply by increasing the space between cells.[15] Later, a model was created to predict this phenomenon and showed scenarios with greater extracellular spacing that effectively blocked epileptic synchronization in the brain."

During her hospitalization she lost all her motor control. She was discharged with a nasal gastric feeding tube since she could not swallow. After 2 CST sessions she regained the ability to suck and swallow, narrowly avoiding G-tube surgery. She is now working on her cross-crawl skills and vocalization again. Mom is convinced it is the CST that has helped her more than any of her many other interventions.

~Lori Leitzel Rice L.M.T, CST-D

Migraines, Insomnia, Stress Relief

Relief from Stroke Side Effects, using Upledger CranioSacral Therapy

Lynn really helped me after my surgery last week. I am very grateful to her and the services of the clinic.

CST and applications for soft palate, hip replacement, range of motion and shoulder pain

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