Dolphin Assisted Therapy

The Dolphin-Assisted Therapy intensive programs are 4-day intensive programs featuring select teams of therapists working together to address the specific health concerns of each individual in the lovely setting of Freeport, Grand Bahama Island.

Participants spend time each day in multiple-therapist sessions in the water where dolphins are present and free to interact with the group. The remainder of the day is spent in multi-therapist sessions on land or in the water. to see the cost and schedule of programs which will be held in Freeport, Bahamas click here.

Would you like to take part in Dolphin Assisted Therapy, as a patient or as an accompanying therapist for one of your patients? Click here

Learn more about becoming a therapist trained in Dolphin Assisted Therapy. Click on one of these links to learn more about our BioAquatic classes held in the Bahamas:

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Would you be interested in sharing this experience with a partner?
One of you must be trained to the SomatoEmotional Release I level, and you can take this unique class together. Click here

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Do you want to take part in an Advanced level workshop specific for
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